omfgppc - 2009-01-13

ejmarkow wrote: [quote:46629f82aa=\"eugene\"]Sorry for bothering but I found the solution by myself.

The problem was in old config file located in /home/MyName/.config/Trolltech.conf which was full of unneeded records and
configs that was left of my kubuntu-kde4-desktop installation which I deleted. I simply removed this file to MyBackupDir and
started PostBooks 3.1.0. Now everything is good.[/quote:46629f82aa]

Thanks! I had the same problem. My fonts were originally appearing very large, bulky, and being cut off. I previously had KDE 4 installed on Arch Linux and there was a Trolltech.conf file in the /home/MyName/.config/ directory left over after I got rid of KDE and switched to Xfce. I first backup it up in another directory, and deleted it from the .config directory. Now, my fonts are normal and perfect. Nice solution! -- Read more at