omfgppc - 2009-01-08

bixwilson wrote: Alessandro,

If possible, we don''t want to restrict other users from being able to contribute to the translation. Before we make any modifications to the system (such as adding code to \"lock\" a translation or something), I wanted to make sure you are aware of some features that may make it easier to use the online tool.

For example, you ought to be able to work more quickly if you do the following:

1. On the main Translation Portal page ( where you select the language to work on, make sure you check the box next to \"Show Only Unfinished Entries.\"

2. On the next page, select one of the contexts to work on (you can see how much is left to do in each one in the Percent Complete column).

3. In the Context section, (e.g. \"@default\"), click in the SORT BY box and select \"Untranslated - Ascending Order\". This will put all of the sources that still need to be translated first.

If you do these things, it should streamline the translating process considerably. The Sort By method in particular should make it faster to use the online tool.

If that turns out to not be enough, we can consider doing more.

BC Wilson --