omfgppc - 2009-02-01

dperez wrote: Hello everybody:

My name is David, and I''m from Spain.

I''ve started working on the Spanish translation. My intention is to finish the remaining 20% in about 1 month (in fact I''ve already finished 1% :) ). I will post here some of the rules I''m following in my translations so you follow them too, or discuss whether I should follow others. I will post how I translate some of the words, or whether I have corrected

These are the first ones:

- I''m avoiding pasive as much as possible (it''s quite common in English, but not as much in Spanish). For this reason I will never translate for instance \"This Address hasn''t been able to be created...\" into \"Esta Direccin no ha podido ser creada...\" but into \"No se ha podido crear esta Direccin...\".

- I have translated Prospect as Prospeccin (I understand that before being a Customer, a Prospect is some kind of comercial prospection), not as Prospecto (a \"prospecto\" is some kind of voucher)

- I''m traslating \"enter (some kind of information)\" into \"proporcionar\" instead of into \"ingresar\", since the latter doesn''t sound good at all in Spain.

- I''ve translated \"State\" as \"Estado/Departamento/Comunidad\", trying to make it applicable to any state structure.

Looking forward hearing from you.

David Prez --