omfgppc - 2008-04-10

cmrukcom wrote: Sorry to bang on about serial numbers again - a followup question that bears upon our current implementation discussions about how to deal with serial numbers:

1) are we going to be able to deal with serial number items that are embedded within non serial numbered assemblies or for your reports to work are we going to require that to drill down to a serial numbered item we have to go through every intermediate subassembly that is also serial numbered.

An aside: it is tempting to jump to the conclusion that if subassemblies are sitting in a warehouse bin and are not serial numbered then they are essentially indistinguishable and therefore one would not know if you were picking up a subassembly with component A in it or component B. Following this logic one might form the opinion that it is illogical to even consider building subassemblies that contain serial numbered items but not serial numbering the subassembly.

However there are scenarios in which the serial numbered component remains visible - for example a serial numbered thermometer is put onto a magnet assembly, the magnet assembly is built into another assembly and so on up a couple of layers of generic builds, that are not serial numbered. At the end of the process we have a complete generic system built, but we want to be able to track back to the serial number of the thermometer so that we can load the relevant calibration file onto the system computer. This is exactly the scenario we have in our builds - we need to serialise some low level components for later tracking, but want to know if the proposed v3.0 SN enhancements require us to serial number every layer in between.

2) If the last point is necessary - i.e. we need to serialise every layer in order to track to a serialised component deep in the build then can you provide an automatic serial numbering option on post-production, which creates a set of serial numbers for the output items, that might be based upon the work order number-1,2,3,n etc.


Kurt --