omfgppc - 2008-10-16

howarr01 wrote: I am currently in testing release 3.1 for our company. This said I''m finding many of our (modified) reports no longer work. This is due to the ''zero'' form queries or definitions have been updated/changed by Xtuple.

First let me state that I do indeed understand the need for Xtuple to do this as 1) they continue to refine and improve the product (we all appreciate!) and
2) the product is focused towards smaller companies whom may or may not have resources available to build their own reports or forms.
So, from this perspective, the current process makes perfect sense.

However, my company, as likely with many others, has quite a few modified reports, some heavily so, and some not so much. Concerns such as logo''s, business specific requirements, etc. drives these modifications.

The issue is that releases can happen several times in a given year. This is good for many things but becomes very frustrating and time consuming to find which reports now work or don''t, what''s been done that now prevents them from working, and what needs to be done to fix it. So we end up with a catch-22. We all want system improvements, but hate to spend days or weeks trying to assess what still works and what doesn''t.

I''m suggesting that perhaps we can have some discussion on how this issue might be improved or even eliminated. Any thoughts? -- Read more at