omfgppc - 2008-10-17

howarr01 wrote: Thanks to all for the input. To Bob, yes indeed, one should definetely test any new release before going into production. Actually that''s exactly what I was/am doing which brought the idea of this post to life. In effect that very need adds to the amount of effort needed to complete the update. It''s necessary to do the fix in the test database to assure it works, record the actions needed to correct, and then to repeat the fix once production is updated to the new release.

I think that John is on to something with storing the queries in the database rather than in the report. However, how would this impact companies that may wish to see additional data on a given report that is not part of the stored query? Or how would customers with a full custom report access and store their queries?

I was thinking also that if Xtuple perhaps could develop a searchable, on-line listing of reports that have been changed in a release.  I''m aware of the listings already available but these require downloading and scrolling (one list was 140 pages in length) to find any answers. Thinking something along the line of a list of reports which have changed which, when selected will indicate the queries changed, and perhaps even another level which displays the query itself with changes highlighted. Know this is asking alot, but perhaps it''s worth discussing.

Rick --