omfgppc - 2008-10-17

jrogelstad wrote: We are very aware of the problem changes to the software create with respect to reports.   One development we quietly introduced to version 3.1 was the ability to store a metasql queries (the kind of query reports use) in the database.  In version 3.2 we have already begun moving many of our application queries from the C++ code to the database.

One of the ways we hope to leverage this capability is to change reports so that they may have the option of pointing to a query stored in the database instead of the report.  We would then change all our grade 0 reports to use database driven queries.  How would this help?  It would mean that if you only made cosmetic changes to a report, such as adding images, or changing fonts, that your modified report would automatically inherit any changes made to the underlying query when it is upgraded, unlike today where you have to physically copy the new query from the grade 0 to your modified version.  You would still have the option of creating your own query, and if that were the case you would be responsible for dealing with the upgrade implications.  But invoking the 80/20 principle here, we hear that most changes to reports are cosmetic in nature and for those cases the upgrade maintenance would be drastically reduced.

Significant work is being done on OpenRPT now.  We hope to have this new paradigm in place by the end of either the current or subsequent development cycles.


John --