omfgppc - 2008-11-24

idiallo wrote: [quote:ee80984100=\"cryan\"]I can appreciate the concern but at the same time I like and think many other people would to the increased WYSIWYG format. I do not want to do something that would break the flow up to much however I am open to suggestions. One of the easiest things we could try doing is increasing the weight of the lines dividing the sections. This should give more contrast without necessarily breaking the flow.[/quote:ee80984100]
That could help, but the major issue (for us) is for horizontal lines just above/below detail sections borders, used for dividing records: in the current 3.0 it''s quite hard to place them, the line can easily \"slip\" in the neighbouring section. In 2.x the items were stuck to their sections, so it was not a problem.
In my opinion, the sections \"frontiers\" should not be crossed with a one-or-two pixels shift.
[quote:ee80984100]One of the thoughts I originally had was the sections would have tabs on the right or left hand side spanning the height of the section. Each of these tabs would have been a different color to help distinguish sections and the name of the section.[/quote:ee80984100]That wouldn''t solve the \"too easy to cross the frontier\" problem. -- Read more at