omfgppc - 2008-12-06

eugene wrote: Hi Alessandro.

I''m not trying to make my translation external (by adding .qm files to the program folder). I''m trying to integrate them to the application. Now I''m translating the PostBooks 3.1.0 to Ukrainian and would like to have a OpenRPT in it with my language. In my country unofficially we have a second language. For most people it''s not complicated to use Ukrainian but some of them prefer Russian  and I would like to integrate two languages to the PostBooks application.

I would like (if it''s possible) to contribute my translation of OpenRPT to community to integrate it in OpenRPT code. If it''s impossible for now please pont me to the right direction how I can integrate my language to OpenRPT to have English as Default and Russian and Ukrainian as additional languages. -- Read more at