omfgppc - 2009-03-11

waynefreeman wrote: Hi,

Evaluating OpenRPT, trying to design my first report, and ran into a show-stopper.

I''m accessing a Pervasive.SQL database through ODBC, and in OpenRPT Report Writer and in MetaSQL Editor, all CHAR data type columns are truncated.  If it''s a 6-character CHAR, the displayed data only shows the first 5 characters.  It''s like that for all CHAR columns, no matter the size.  I haven''t actually checked out a CHAR(1) column to see if it''s empty.

This is standard ODBC, and all other query tools, both Pervasive-proprietary and third party, including other open source tools (including OpenOffice Base, for example), display this data correctly except OpenRPT.  This happens in a database of my own design and also in a demo database distributed by Pervasive as part of their server installation.

The symptoms indicate it''s as if OpenRPT is expecting these columns to be null-terminated, which they''re not; but that might not be the problem at all.  Is there a setting in OpenRPT that would get me around this issue?


Wayne --