omfgppc - 2008-06-16

Mark wrote: The Cash Register spec looks like a good start.  Don''t lose track of the big picture, though.  My current system can ring up a sale and open the cash drawer in 2 seconds.  I would venture to bet that most people that use a POS system don''t use customer names, so make that big, fat, header optional.  All my settings from sale to sale are exactly the same with the exception of the payment method.

I think that you might want to take that Cash Register spec and change it a little bit, and make it an exceptionally easy to enter order screen.  Our other company enters 200 orders per day and over 180 of them are new customers.  The order takers make $10.00 per hour, and so they are not the most careful of data entry people.  One screen, easy addition of new customer from the order screen, etc.  We are not sure that Xtuple will fit the bill for our retail company.  Too bad.  Sucks having 2 accounting systems.

Touchscreen?  Can''t have a real POS system without that.  Cash Drawer, Card Scanner, Pole Display, etc. would be a good thing.

But, then, again, why re-invent the wheel?  I think that instead of wasting time on a product that is halfway there, it might be easier to get people to make theirs compatible.  Much easier writing import and export routines.  Take the time and make easy to enter sales order screens that we can set all the defaults and have the minimum of clicking, checking, picking, etc.


Mark --