omfgppc - 2007-12-27

pclark wrote: Hi Mark,

Im a little puzzled about your comments because xTuple applications are nothing if not open.

Of course the PostgreSQL database is completely accessible by any software with an ODBC or PostgreSQL driver. Have you seen the existing tools we have to make data imports easier and safer? There is a white paper on our database API in our downloads section at:


That approach was the result of a vigorous discussion on the forums you can find at 


Attached there is the final specification ( we used. If you read through it, you will find a section on an XML data import engine. That functionality is becoming available in the upcoming release 2.3 currently in development. As a working example we will include an import map for the popular Yahoo e-commerce store that allows you to import Yahoo orders into PostBooks right out of the box. Our hope is a library of these maps can be built that the xTuple community can contribute to and use. If the CSV and XML import utilities we provide are not enough any high powered EAI tool such as Jitterbit or Biztalk can integrate directly with the database, and we have users doing that as well.

I know we can hook to FedEx because I worked at a facility where that was done. My experience is that unlike UPS, which allows a more do it yourself approach, FedEx actually comes in and programmatically connects their system to yours (whatever it is) as long as you have an ODBC connection. We do, however, have a couple users that have expressed strong interest it embedding UPS and FedEx shipping capability directly into our application. We are trying to settle on a specification now, and tentatively expect that will make it into the next development cycle starting 1st quarter of 2008.

The credit card vendor we support is the result of a specific user who wanted credit card support for that particular vendor. However, it has been architected in such a way that we, or any of our code contributors, could add in other vendors if so desired. If you wanted to use another vendor we could either provide you a quote to do the work of adding that, or you could contribute the code yourself. Thats the power of open source: Our users drive the direction of the product.


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