omfgppc - 2008-06-27

Mark wrote: We left QB for the lack of basic usability.  Exceptionally slow database.  Weird program antics (windows updating in the background for 30 seconds at a time.)  Inability to backup without going into single user mode.  No flexibility other than what they want to build in (like credit card support which only supports their credit card processor).  Add-ons are kludgy.

Pros:  Easy to use.  Great reports and graphs, but no ability to really modify.  EASY export to Excel, EASY import from Excel. 

Comparison?  Depends what you are looking for.  I wouldn''t use OpenMFG for a pure distributor.  QB bites for manufacturing.   Much easier to use is QB, but, OpenMFG does not seem to be that difficult to learn.  Just a LOT more to learn.  Weeds out your careless employees!


Mark --