omfgppc - 2007-12-27

pclark wrote: We are currently a small manufacturer and distributor.  We have outgrown our 15 user QB.  We are looking to upgrade to another software package.  We currently manufacture about 30 products, mostly electrical in nature.  Rather simple BOM''s.  Our sales department consists of 3 on-the-road people and 3 inside sales people.  Our accounting department has 4 people.  Our shipping department has 4 people and we ship via FedEx Ground, FedEx Trucking, UPS occasionally, and other trucking companies.

On another note, we also have a Retail business which has mail order, web and a brick/mortor store which which has 2 cash registers linked to QB. This is a separate company file. 

Our current software links up with the FedEx Ground shipping software to pull addresses from QB and write back the shipping information into the invoice.

We have been looking for new software for about 6 months, and have recently stumbled upon PB and OMFG.  What really caught our attention is that it will run on the OSX platform.  We would like to move forward to being a Mac shop in the future.

The sales department needs a serious contact system to keep up with the new volume of business that we are doing and to help our sales and customer service departments keep track of our customers so that they don''t get lost in the shuiffle.

Our big question about your software is the lack of \"openness\" concerning integration of other software, i.e. imports/exports, lack of CC support for anything other than your one chosen vendor, lack of integration with FedEx and other shipping software, etc. 

On our retail side, we can continue to use QB, but we would like to turn to one package that will help us integrate everything.  So, that would need to be able to import orders from the internet website in one way or another, as to avoid re-keying in orders.


Mark --