omfgppc - 2009-03-12

brettbrown wrote: It looks like lot tracked items loose the record in invhist when an invoice that has not been posted is deleted.
The qty assigned in invhist gets an offsetting record when the invoice is deleted.  To correct the problem, I had to recall the order, return the stock and reissue to new shipments, ship and recreate the invoice.  I think the invhist should not be affected unless the stock is returned from the order.  If the shipment still exist, the record tying the lot# to the item on the shipment should remain?

To recreate this issue:
Create sold item that is lot tracked
SO->WO-> Post Production -> Assign Lot
Issue to shipping -> Assign Lot/qty to shipment
Ship order -> Select for Billing -> create Invoice
Print invoice; do not post -> Lot number prints on invoice
Delete invoice -> Select for billing -> create invoice
Print invoice -> lot number does NOT print on invoice.
inv hist now has an offsetting entry

Brett --