omfgppc - 2009-03-10

kingofthebears wrote: Hi Scott:

Your comments were very helpful.  I did not know Xtuple would change the API view names ... I had thought the point was continuity, but since they changed the pricing scheduling methodology to include customer types rather than just individual customers, they must have taken the opportunity to change the API view name entirely ... but I did not know this until your thoughtful reply to my query.

Your note has also led me to a general solution to keep abreast of changes such as the one we''ve just addressed: do a

pg_dump -s databasename > file

and search the file for occurrences of ipsass, and the DEFINE VIEW will show up.

I accept change.  My issue is communication of change ... hence, my gratitude to you Scott!  Many thanks!

As to the rewriting work, it is miniscule compared to automatically loading 10''s of thousands of items with 8 supporting tables in a few minutes ...  PostBooks is a joy!

Best regards,

Arthur Knight Hammer --