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Upgrading from 2.3.0 to 3.0 Beta 1

  • Mark Parker

    Mark Parker - 2008-05-31

    I am trying to upgrade Postbooks v2.3.0 upto 3.0Beta1.  I run the update manager and first run the 2.3.0to2.3.1 package.  The prerequesite checks fail with the error:

    Checking for Itemless Itemtax

    One or more Itemtax records do not reference an Item or refer to a missing record.

    I have checked the itemtax and item tables for any orphaned records and they match on both record count and each itemid in itemtax matches a record in the item table.  Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this or know what the sql statement the update program is using the determine this error (or how I find it?)?

    • Gil

      Gil - 2008-06-02


      I just posted a draft document describing how to debug upgrade problems on the xTuple Wiki: -> wiki and search for HowToDebugUpgradeErrors

      In the case you describe the query is:
      SELECT COUNT(*)=0 FROM itemtax WHERE (itemtax_item_id NOT IN (
      SELECT item_id FROM item WHERE (item_id=itemtax_item_id)

      For some reason with your data the query is returning FALSE. Try running this next query and see what you get:
      SELECT * FROM itemtax WHERE (itemtax_item_id NOT IN (
      SELECT item_id FROM item WHERE (item_id=itemtax_item_id)



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