Launch problems

  • SilverStreak

    SilverStreak - 2009-07-08

    I am new to the open source community (I am a user only).
    I have installed xTuple Postbooks ERP as per the installation instructions, but cannot get the software to launch.
    When I try to launch the software, it asks me for a login but all attempts fail - the common messge is that username/password is not correct or the server is too busy.
    I have tries the username that is registered (I can login on xTuple's website OK), but the software will not launch.
    Can anyone help a humble beginner?
    Thank you.

    • Mircsicz

      Mircsicz - 2009-07-08

      RTFM, sounds like you tried to use the login from on your local DB...

      Did you setup a PostgreSQL DB? If so check which passwords you have set to access the DB!!!


    • Ned Lilly

      Ned Lilly - 2009-07-08

      Username admin / password admin for a local install.


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