omfgppc - 2008-03-17

kingofthebears wrote: Greetings Folks!

I observed this behavior in my PostBooks database and, to assure it was not something
within my data, I downloaded the 2.3.1 Demo database, installed it, and tested with that data with the same result.

1. Products->Master Information->UOM Create new UOM, say PK10, Package of 10,
and make a conversion of 1-PK10=10-EA

2. Add this UOM as a Selling UOM  to the 10100 Item in Products->Item->List->10100->UOM Tab

3. Goto Sales->Sales Orders->New, Select Faraday, and add a new item.

4. Select or type 10100 and select 1 EA to sell and save it.

5. Add another item, same 10100, and select 1 PK10 to sell.

6. Save the sales order as is.

7. Goto the Item Availability Workbench from Item screen or Products->Item->Workbench item 10100

8. Regardless of the Selling UOM used, the Running Availability tab counts only the quantity entered as though the UOM was EA for the Sales Order.

9. On the same tab, the Work Order numbers are correct in columns \"Ordered\" and \"Balance\", but the \"Running Avail\" only changes by 1 count for the PK10 ordered.

10. The Availability in the Sales Order Item screen is, mercifully, correct, so when you''re selling the item you do have a good count with allocations accounted for (even the previous item entered on the same sales order).

11. When the line items in the Sales Order have the stock issued, the \"Running Avail\" numbers start making sense although the \"Ordered\" and \"Received\" columns are not normalized to the Inventory UOM, which I would think would be what is desired.

12. The History tab in the workbench explicitly mentions UOM and \"Trans-Qty\" as though they are applicable to history and not, perhaps, to the concept of Running Availability?  The number in History tab matches the information on the Sales Order Item screen.

Any enlightenment on this behavior would be most appreciated.  If it is a bug I would be happy to post a bug report.

Arthur Knight Hammer --