#228 Mantis ID:4105 - Probs w/commission on AR Db/Cr Memos


Reporter: ptyler
Severity: Minor
Category: A/R
Project: xTupleApps
Platform: OpenMFG

Version: 1.3.2Dev

Sales Rep commissions are not being handled properly when Misc. AR Credit Memos or Misc. AR Debit Memos are entered. Gil and Mike and I have discussed this at length. Here are our recommendations:

1. Commission Due field: Should be updated after Cr/Db Memo amount has been entered--and the commission due should equal the (specified sales rep's percentage) x (Memo amount entered).

a) For Credit Memos -- Commission should be a negative #
b) For Debit Memos -- Commission should be a positive #
c) Allow users to over-ride the calculated commission amount when entering the Cr/Db memo

2. Commission Paid field: Should be boolean and placed next to Commission Due field (as in salesHistoryInformation.ui). This field should always be read-only, since payment of commissions is separate from the posting of a Cr/Db Memo.

3. Both commission fields should appear below the Amount, Paid, and Balance fields so as not to confuse users. NOTE: Commissions have no impact on balance due amount.

Steps to reproduce:

Additional information:

Read more at http://www.xtuple.org/mantis/view.php?id=4105


  • omfgppc

    omfgppc - 2008-04-18

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    Issue Confirmed and Accepted.
    For further explanation please see www.xtuple.org

  • omfgppc

    omfgppc - 2008-04-18
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    • summary: Mantis ID:4105 - Probs w/commission on AR Db/Cr Memos -->

              Mantis ID:4105 - Probs w/commission on AR Db/Cr Memos
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