Import products prices list from excel ?

  • bebertoap

    bebertoap - 2007-09-04


    I have a list of my products and prices in a MS excel table. Is it possible to import it in Librepos or Posper db and not re encode everything manually in the stock ? If necessary I can change everything you want in that excel table to be compatible...(fields structure)

    • Aaron Luchko

      Aaron Luchko - 2007-09-04

      Well the first question is what kind of information is in the excel tables? For POSper a category and tax is required for each product along with things like a reference no., name, sell price, and maybe some other stuff.

      Once you know what the actual data will look like in the DB (and don't want to do it manually) than you'll need to generate some SQL import statements for whatever DB you're using. I don't know if excel has anything built in but my approach would be to export to a csv than write a little script that generates the insert statements based on the contents of that csv.

    • bebertoap

      bebertoap - 2007-09-05

      That's what I mean : it's very easy to give the good structure to the excel table but my only problem is the script and statements...

      • Aaron Luchko

        Aaron Luchko - 2007-09-05

        The exact insert statements depend on the exact DB you're using but regardless of the DB they're fairly well documented. As for the script you'll have to take care of that yourself, we can't really write custom scripts for everybodys preexisting sets of data.

    • Allan Wilson

      Allan Wilson - 2007-09-06

      If you are using the default HSQLDB database then you should find enough to get started from here:
      Look at Section 8



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