RSS Reader not using magpie rss parser

  • Anonymous - 2014-01-29

    Hi Eric and all Posh Developers,

    First thank you very much for providing such nice application which runs great.

    Currently i am facing one issue Regarding RSS, so thought of putting it here.
    I had look how POSH reads rss feeds from website and display it in widget. it is using and

    when caching is "on" posh store feeds to database and while displaying retrieve from database and display it.

    In my case retrieval from database is very slow. (there is no issue with mysql database.) it may be because i have many rss feeds and have many users on posh.

    when i investigate further found that we have /tools/rssparser which is magpie it support for caching.(storing it on disk) but found that posh is not using it. magpie also support conditional get based on "etag "and "last modified tag"

    currently posh always load the feeds and does not check whether the feed is really changed or not. this is making system slow due to so many no. of feeds i have.

    So my question is can i replace current and and start using magpie rss reader?

    I am not sure why we are not using it so if there is any specific reason/drawback not using magpie in posh please let me know.?

    Thank you very much in advance.


  • Eric Mathieu

    Eric Mathieu - 2014-01-29

    Hi Raj,

    You Can indeed use magpie (just change the configuration in the Posh settings.

    We decided to build a new rss reader because :
    - Magpie is not compliant with many RSS feeds (especially malformed ones)
    - We wanted to store feeds in Posh db to add new features (read status, delete feature, sharing features, ...)
    But I am sure we can improve this rss reader. We would appreciate your help on this.

  • Raj Janorkar

    Raj Janorkar - 2014-01-29

    Thank you Eric,

    I dont see any setting for magpie in configuration...
    however i will make some changes to existing to consider conditional get. using etag/last modified header.

    will test it and if it works will share it with you.




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