Can't modify parameters of rss widgets

  • Nezetm

    Nezetm - 2012-01-18


    i created a lot of rss widgets for the library. They work on the pages but I can't modify them in admin mode. For information, i validated all of them in once. Since, when i select the feed in the widget management, all the parameters are empty (title, id, description, url, type entreprise or portaneo, rubric…). I need to modify some of them, how to do ?
    Remark : Only feeds i created and validated one by one work, parameters are correctly displayed.


  • Eric Mathieu

    Eric Mathieu - 2012-01-18


    This is currently not possible to change the RSS feed URL in the widgets. The feature was disabled in the past due to some bugs. The best if you want to modify some feeds URL is to modify them directly in the dir_rss table, with following SQL query (replacing <feed url> by your values :

    UPDATE dir_rss
    SET url = '<new feed url>'
    WHERE url='<old feed url>'

    Once the cache refreshed (usually 1 hour), the new feed articles will be loaded.

  • Nezetm

    Nezetm - 2012-01-19

    Hello Eric,

    thank you for your answer once again ! I have not been clear enough, sorry. so, i do it in french.
    Je n'ai pas besoin de modifier l'url du flux. Le problème est le suivant :
    J'ai enregistré des 10aines de flux via la fonction "Créer un widget > Ajouter votre flux rss". Ensuite j'ai dû valider les widgets, ce que j'ai fait, mais en une seule fois avec la fonction "Valider tous les widgets". Je ne sais pas si la validation en est la cause mais depuis, je ne peux plus changer aucun paramètre de ces widgets en mode admin, tous les champs restent vides: titre, description, tags, rubriques, affichage bibliothèque o/n…

    Je n'ai pas ce problème avec les flux que j'ai validé un par un par contre, je visualise leurs parmaètres et je peux les modifier.


  • Eric Mathieu

    Eric Mathieu - 2012-01-20


    I tried on latest posh version and the validation of many RSS widgets worked on my computer.
    You have certainly a javascript error when you click on a widget name in the admin panel. Could you track it with Firebug and report it ? This would help to understand this issue.


  • Nezetm

    Nezetm - 2012-01-23

    Hi, here after the error report. In bold the section pointed by firebug.

    Mal formé : http://obedprojetplm/sentinel/admin/xml_widgets_modify.php?itemid=10023 - Line 1

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><widmodify><minwidth>280</minwidth><typ>U</typ><status>O</status><url><![CDATA[../modules/p_rss.php]]></url><id>10023</id><name><![CDATA[De - Acquisitions from corporate websites]]></name><description><![CDATA[Corporate news (acquisitions) from competitors websites.]]></description><website>http://iskeywatch.hager.corp/cgi-bin/Portail.exe?Ajax=1&Mode=[b]get[/b]SomeProfiles&rss=1&nb=20&q=Corporate_Acquisitions-De</website><format>R</format><height>246</height><icon><![CDATA[../modules/pictures/box0_10023.ico]]></icon><views><![CDATA[home]]></views><defvar><![CDATA[nb=5&pfid=26&rssurl=http%3A%2F%2Fiskeywatch.hager.corp%2Fcgi2%2FPortail.exe%3FMode%3DgetSomeProfiles%26q%3DCorporate_Acquisitions-De%26nb%3D20%26RSS%3D1%26Ajax%3D1%26File]]></defvar><sizable><![CDATA[1]]></sizable><editable>0</editable><hidden>0</hidden><keyword><kid>53</kid><kweight>2</kweight><klabel> acquisitions</klabel></keyword><keyword><kid>10</kid><kweight>2</kweight><klabel> corporate</klabel></keyword><keyword><kid>54</kid><kweight>2</kweight><klabel> mergers</klabel></keyword><category><id>5003</id><name><![CDATA[News -de]]></name></category></widmodify>
  • Eric Mathieu

    Eric Mathieu - 2012-01-23

    Hello Michael,

    I think the problem is in the website URL, that contains special chars. Could you try to modify file /admin/xml_widgets_modify.php :

    echo "<website>".$website."</website>";


    echo "<website><![CDATA[".$website."]]></website>";
  • Nezetm

    Nezetm - 2012-01-24

    Yes it works ! Thank you so much. I have really more and more pleasure to work with Posh.



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