New pictures for widgets

  • Nezetm

    Nezetm - 2012-01-24


    sorry for this newbie question again… i still have a detail to be… nothing serious.

    I wanted to add countries flags for the widgets. So i added 6 pictures in modules\pictures respecting this format : _deficon_flag.gif. The pictures are 16x11 pix.

    I thought the new pictures then would appear in the admin panel but nothing happened. I missed something i think…

    Thanks in advance.

  • Eric Mathieu

    Eric Mathieu - 2012-01-24

    Hello Michael,

    To add new icons for the widgets :
    1/ add your icons in the /modules/pictures/ folder with _deficon<ID>.gif name
    2/ modify the "nbicons" parameter (in admin panel > configuration tab > general settings link > advanced settings link). For example, if your last icon is _deficon99.gif, nbicons must be set to 99


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-01-26

    Perfect. Thank you.


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