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Posadis christmas releases: 0.60.6, 0.70.0pre-041225

*** Posadis 0.60.6 (aka "the Christmas release") released! ***

Saturday, 25 December 2004

This Christmas New Bulletin brings you new stable and development
releases, and news about the Posadis Wiki.

Merry Christmas!

** The Christmas release **

Today, the traditional end-of-year Posadis release has been released.
It updates all stable Posadis packages: Poslib, Posadis, Dnsquery and
the Master File Editor.... read more

Posted by meilof 2004-12-25

Posadis 0.70.0 test released!

Posadis 0.70.0 preview released!

Friday, December 10 2004

Over the last months, much work has been put into the new cycle of Posadis software, which is going to add support for such often-requested features as DNS Update and message signing.

Now, an intial preview of the new Posadis 0.70.* series, which already has DNS Update support, has been released! This release, which has been tested quite extensively over the last months and which seems to be pretty stable, can now be downloaded from here.... read more

Posted by meilof 2004-12-10

Posadis 0.60.5 released!

Posadis 0.60.5 was released mainly to provide a solution (at least I hope so) to the 100% CPU usage problem reported with earlier 0.60.* versions.

Apart from that, this release incorporates the initial cache file support from update 1 to Posadis 0.60.4 as well; other than that, nothing much has changed. An upgrade is recommended to anyone running Posadis as a DNS cache. To fix the problem, just upgrading the Posadis package and leaving Poslib and Mfedit as-is is enough. ... read more

Posted by meilof 2004-07-10

Posadis 0.60.4 released

Featuring some relatively minor fixes, Posadis 0.60.4 has been released! Read all about it here:


Posted by meilof 2004-04-19

SANS goes one!

Today, finally, version 1.0 of SANS, the Simple Authoritative Name
Server, has been released. Compared to the previous version, 0.9.0, SANS
1.0 has some notable new features, including sorting of the RR list,
much enhanced documentation, DNS notify support and support for using
the system tray. Additionally, this new release addresses the security
issues mentioned in Posadis advisory 006
<http://www.posadis.org/security/pos_adv_006.txt>.... read more

Posted by meilof 2003-12-31

Updated RPM package for Posadis monitor

Thursday, 04 December 2003

Today, a new RPM package for the Posadis-monitor module for Posadis 0.60.2 was created to overcome problems with monitored master files that would not be updated due to Monitor still sending out the old 'update_ttl' command which is no longer supported in 0.60.2. This was fixed before 0.60.2, but the RPM of Monitor was apparently built before this.

The source code and Windows releases of the Monitor module do not have this problem.... read more

Posted by meilof 2003-12-04

Posadis 0.60.2 released!

Today, new releases of the Posadis, Mfedit, Dnsquery and Poslib packages were released. The new releases contain many small fixes, as well as some signifficant documentation updates.

Check the annoucement here:


Posted by meilof 2003-11-07

Posadis 0.60.1 is out!

Well, Posadis 0.60.0 was a fun ride while it lasted, but based on the feedback I received after the release, I was forced to release new versions of the Posadis programs to conquer problems that arose.

That's why I proudly release Posadis 0.60.1, which is mainly a bugfix release over 0.60.0, though it contains some new features as well. Since this release doesn't address any security problems, there's no really urgent need to upgrade if it all works for you, though this new release does fix a few important bugs. An upgrade of Poslib is highly recommented since it fixes a major bug in the TCP code.... read more

Posted by meilof 2003-08-09

Posadis 0.60.0 is out

Finally, after nine months of hard work, Posadis 0.60.0 is ready! Posadis 0.60.0, which is a complete re-write of Posadis, now supports caching and resolving, it has a plug-in system, and it can monitor your files for activity. Also, I hope the 100% CPU usage problems of Posadis 0.50.x now finally belong to the past.

Also, the website has been completely revamped, so go to


quickly and get your Posadis 0.60.x build while it's hot!

Posted by meilof 2003-08-01

Security vulnerability in Posadis 0.50.x

A security vulnerability has been found in Posadis releases 0.50.4 through 0.50.8, causing malicious users to crash the DNS server by sending a specific faulty DNS message. An upgrade is recommended for all users asap.

Visit the crisis center at http://www.posadis.org/security/0_50_8_vuln.html for more information and fixes.

Posted by meilof 2003-01-29

First public release of SANS

Sans is a simple new authoritive Domain Name Server based on poslib [http://www.posadis.org/poslib/], which runs on Windows systems. It features a nice zone editor, in which you can edit changes in real time, and it can import and export BIND-compatible master files. It currently only acts as a primary master: it can't be a secondary for your domains.

More information is available at http://www.posadis.org/sans/.

Posted by meilof 2002-12-21

Posadis 0.50.8 released!

It's out: Posadis 0.50.8, the new version of our DNS server software for Unix and Windows. Highlights are service support for Windows, new NS records for the default root zone, and some bugfixes.

Posted by meilof 2002-12-17

Posadis 0.50.7 additional DLLs

The original Win32 release of Posadis missed a few DLL files, causing the configuration center not to work on older Windows versions (Windows 95 is known to have this problem; XP works fine). This file had the filename posadis-0.50.7.exe. A new file, posadis-0.50.7-1.exe has been posted to fix this problem.

Posted by meilof 2002-11-08

Root nameservers change!

Today, Verisign anounced they will change the IP address of the
J.ROOT-SERVERS.NET. domain name, one of the root nameservers of the
internet. If you have a root hint zone in Posadis, as suggested by the
documentation, you should change
to its new address,

Additionally, if you use this nameserver as your root hint source, you
should also change the IP address to point at the new root nameserver.... read more

Posted by meilof 2002-11-07

Posadis 0.50.7 is out!

Posadis 0.50.7 is the new version of our DNS server software. Posadis now contains a graphical configuration tool, gtk-pconf. Additionally, it contains a few other fixes and minor feature enhancements. For Linux users, we now provide a RPM package.

Check the release notes at http://www.posadis.org/0.50.7/

Posted by meilof 2002-11-05

Posadis 0.50.6 released!

Posadis 0.50.6, the latest version of our Domain Name Server software, has been released! Posadis 0.50.6 features better IPv6 support, including support for bitstring labels an A6 records, as well as some minor feature enhancements and bugfixes.

The release notes for Posadis 0.50.6 can be seen at the new Posadis homepage:


Posted by meilof 2002-09-16

Build fix for BSD

Posadis 0.50.5 contained a bug causing it not to compile on BSD-like systems such as FreeBSD. This has been fixed with the 0.50.5b release.

Posted by meilof 2002-07-08

Posadis 0.50.5 released!

Posadis 0.50.5, the latest version of our multiplatform DNS server, adds support for IPv6, as well as a few bugfixes.

For detailed information, visit http://posadis.sf.net/releases/0.50.5.php

To download Posadis, visit https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=24199

Posted by meilof 2002-07-07

Posadis 0.50.4 released!

I'm very proud to release Posadis 0.50.4, the new version of our Domain
Name System server software. Posadis 0.50.4 fixes some issues that came
to my attention shortly after the Milestone 5 release.

For a comprehensive list of fixes in this new release, refer to
http://cvs.sf.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/posadis/posadis/ChangeLog?rev=HEAD&only_with_tag=release-0_50_4&content-type=text/vnd.viewcvs-markup... read more

Posted by meilof 2002-05-28

Posadis Milestone 5 released

Posadis Milestone 5 has been released! New features include:

o Secondary support
o Posask query tool
o Posctl control tool
o SIGUP zone reloading
o Additional RRs
o Notification support
o ..and much more!

An upgrade is recommended for anyone, since Posadis m5 kicks ass!

Posted by meilof 2002-05-08

Posadis m5pre2a update for win32

The bug fix release m5pre2 for win32 contained a bug causing log messages not
to be displayed in the log window. This bug has been fixed in this new

An upgrade is recommended for anyone who is currently using m5pre2, and
probably also earlier versions, since m5pre2 fixes the (perhaps remotely
exploitable) logging bug.

Posted by meilof 2002-04-04

Posadis m5pre2 released!

As reported on Bugtraq March 27 2002, the logging mechanism of Posadis contains a serious bug. According to the author, "there are a few possible methods of remote exploitation". Posadis m5pre1 and earlier can easily be segfaulted by embedding C formatting characters into configuration files or on the command line, but segfaulting Posadis with a remote query seems a bit more troublesome.... read more

Posted by meilof 2002-03-31

Posadis m5pre1 released!

Today, the Posadis Team proudly announces the release of Posadis m5pre1,
the latest stable version of our DNS server.

Posadis m5pre1 is the first release in the 0.50.x series, which contains
a major rewrite of much important code. We believe Posadis m5pre1 is
more stable and secure than the 0.40.x series.

Here's the contents of the NEWS file:

o (Win32 only) Graphical logging window
o (Unix only) Option to run in the background
o Various stability and security fixes
o Official 64-bits support!... read more

Posted by meilof 2002-03-10

Posadis Win32 installer fixed

It appears the installer for Posadis 0.40.2, as posted to the Sourceforge file list on 7 february, contained a serious error: the data directory wasn't stored in the Win32 registry, thus potentially causing Posadis to panic on startup.

The 0.40.2 installer has been fixed, and Posadis should now work out-of-the-box, provided no other DNS server, such as the one of Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, is running.... read more

Posted by meilof 2002-02-22

Posadis works on 64-bits Alpha

The new m5 development version of the Posadis DNS server, which has just, right after the Posadis 0.40.2 release, been placed on the main branch, has been found to work on the 64-bits Alpha platform running Debian Linux 2.2

This means really a big step in Posadis development since probably other 64-bits platforms will also proove to work. Versions prior to the m5 series had problems with the sizeof(int) = sizeof(char*) = 4 assumption.... read more

Posted by meilof 2002-02-07