FreeBSD Port Tools 0.99 released

The project is still alive - a new version has been released after several years of inactivity. It has a version number of 0.99 to commemorate a special date of 09-09-09.

This release integrates all patches for porttools from the Ports Tree:

- bugfix: Fix commandline arguments handling for some cases when two or more
flags are used - e.g. `port submit -m update -d .orig` (PR: ports/100771,
thanks HASHI Hiroaki and Dmitry Marakasov)
- optimization: add -R flag to cvs(1) invocation in port diff - this would
allow working against a local read-only repository and improve performance
(PR: ports/116248, thanks Xin LI)
- update copyright notices

Posted by Sergei Kolobov 2009-09-09

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