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ALSA 0.9.4 Patch & Release Out now !

Hello PCS users :)

i release a patch & a release of the driver for the last ALSA 0.9.4 , it correct a bug of kernel and work fine with rosegarden


Posted by tuxi 2003-06-22

NEWS ALSA 0.9.0rc7 driver Update

in alsa driver section , i add a patch for the 0.9.0rc7 driver for the portman PCS.

Work fine with ALSA software.
this driver can be in test because in my mandrake all work fine but on my redhat the write midi failed. so test it on your system.

Posted by tuxi 2003-03-02

Sysex Dump tool for linux

i want to develop midi tool for linux particulary for Sysex dump

i'll work on a project for create a midiox clone on linux. if there is amateur, join me :)

this sysexdump tool can received BulkDump from midi machine

Posted by tuxi 2002-09-29


i put a update file for the ALSA driver from Jaroslav Kysela.

the driver enable the portman pcs for ALSA 0.9.0rc3 and work very fine with sequencer and other.

for me the release is the first good driver for the Portman PCS and linux

Posted by tuxi 2002-09-15

FINALE update for recording on /dev/music device

the /dev/music can use now for recording midi song from synth or rythmic box, especialy for the MC303 ;-)

now you can use the /dev/music playback/record with the Portman PCS and jazz++

Posted by tuxi 2002-04-06

/dev/music and realtime midi event work !!

I modify the driver for midi event and messages
Now work very fine with Jazz sequencer :)

/dev/music update

Posted by tuxi 2002-03-16

NEW MC303 dump software

new version of my mc303 bulk dump software

Posted by tuxi 2002-01-26


new driver Portman PC/S NoOSS 1.2 ,

now you can use /dev/sequencer and now you can use it with jazz sequencer and other serquencer software

Posted by tuxi 2002-01-26

NEW MC303 Bulk Dump tool

i create a simple soft for dumping your MC303 data
to your PC :)

it work good with my Portman driver -NoOSS- 1.1

Posted by tuxi 2001-09-23

New updates of driver

i modify the driver to doesnt use OSS soud and soundlow module (it base on notemidi driver) for futur port of /dev/sequencer.

i add news on protocol of communication.

but you must read the README and INSTALL

Posted by tuxi 2001-09-14

MC303 dump

i modify the program with adding a delay for writing data to the MC303 module

in fact , now you can dump the MC303 memory and restitute it.

to received dump cat /dev/midi > dump.txt

to send dump to the MC303 cat dump.txt > /dev/midi

the delay is 2500 usec, i try other but not work ...

Posted by tuxi 2001-09-02

NEWS : The first release of the Serial/Midi driver work

with the help of Michael Minn - Michael@michaelminn.com ; we can make the first release of the kernel driver for the PORTMAN PC/S

it work for read and write on ttyS0.

do cat /dev/sndstat to see the midi port to use

Posted by tuxi 2001-07-20

HELP !!!

so i need more help for my Daemon, because i don't know how using ioctl command in a kernel driver ?

can anyone know ?

Posted by tuxi 2001-07-08

My First kernel driver

i release the first kernel driver for the portman PC/S
it work only for sending midi byte :-/

but you can help me, have good test !!

Posted by tuxi 2001-07-08


I can use the Midi Out of the Portman on linux

Posted by tuxi 2001-02-23

rcupration info

voici ce que j'ai pu capturer du Portman / NT via le port srie.

ces premiere info peuvent servir a comprendre la config du port serie mais aussi les info transfres

.je recherche des personnes connaissant le port serie sous Windows pour ensuite porter la config sous linux ou l il faudra l'aide d'un dveloppeur C comme moi pour developper le pilote serie/midi sous linux

Hello users,

i bought a serial midi interface (Portman PC/S : 150$) but it doesn't work
on linux with serial midi driver... read more

Posted by tuxi 2001-01-05

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