Zoltan Nemeth - 2004-06-16


We have a digital gauge interface, it is connected to PC parallel port. I use the DLPORTIO.DLL on Win9x and the DLPORTIO.SYS on WinNT to access this interface.
I can use the DLPORTIO if I know the port address, so I need. I know that how can I read the address of the installed ports on Win9x and WinNT, but I don't know it on new OSs.

The GET_IO.DLL does it what I need. Its all functions work perfectly, except the function what I need.
I have a problem in Win2K (I don't test on XP), because in this OS the GetIODeviceResources() function returns with error all times
(all other DLL functions can be used witout error).

I test it on Win9x: OK.
I test it Win2K Hungarian: error.
I test it Win2K English: error.

I doubt, but I see.
Can I get source code or list of the queried Registry keys or others to debug and locate the problem?

Zoltan Nemeth