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Move to Origo

This project is about to move to a new home at Origo.

You will find the new project page here: http://portato.origo.ethz.ch

Posted by René Neumann 2007-09-18

Release 0.8.5

Hmm ... seems like I have forgotten to announce several intermediate versions...

Nevertheless: Here is 0.8.5

Changes since 0.7.5 (last announced one):

- added an uncaught exception dialog
- i18n
- added splash screen
- added notifies
- added listener / launch gksu/kdesu by ourselves
- now showing differences between "installed" and "enabled" useflags
- removed Qt-Frontend
- added "shutdown" plugin
- added "resume-loop" plugin
- changed plugin-structures
- added ability of pausing the emerge process
- nicier log output
- log viewers
- changed design / added link
- improved search... read more

Posted by René Neumann 2007-08-26

Release 0.7.5

- new icon
- sync command now accepts "&&"
- added ebuild-viewer which will not launch the rest of the GUI (usage: portato -e $package)
- added a window showing the updatable packages
- improved Qt terminal

(Changes in 0.7.4:
- added name of overlay the package comes from
- filtering "--ask" from EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS
- show reason for a package being masked as a tooltip
- added settings: gtk: console font
- show emerge progress in window title
- work with PyQt-4.2)

Posted by René Neumann 2007-06-23

Release 0.7.3

Here is the new release 0.7.3:

The big changes from 0.7.0:
- faster QtTerminal
- added systray
- added desktop icons
- ability to list the packages of a category by installation status

So far,

Posted by René Neumann 2007-05-09

Release 0.7.0

After some time of developing, I am happy to announce a new release: 0.7.0.

Compared to 0.6.0 (there has been a 0.6.1 release, too, which was not announced here), there a two big points:
1.) Plugin support
2.) A Qt-Frontend :) - now all of you KDE-guys can use this nice software too :)

Short hint: the 0.7.0 package is for those of you, using the ebuild in the overlay. 0.7.0p is the one for the ebuild posted at bugs.gentoo.org.

Posted by René Neumann 2007-04-20

Release 0.6.0

New release: 0.6.0


- general support for different backend systems
- removed asterisks as "installed" sign - using an image now
- added ebuild window
- added usetips
- allowed copying out of the console
- added accelerators

Posted by René Neumann 2007-02-23

Release 0.5.2

The day before yesterday, I recently released version 0.5.2 of Portato.

- removed gentoolkit-dependency
- added support for portage-2.1.2
- added console-status
- working slots (for update_world)
- enhanced "--newuse"
- added some stock-images
- added ability to kill the running emerge process

In parallel I am working on a ncurses-frontend. That is not as easy as I thought, because I have to write a wrapper for the CDK-package... but I think that it is going to work ;)

Posted by René Neumann 2007-01-26

Release 0.5.1 and renaming

As you probably realized: Genetic/One has been renamed to Portato.

Therefore (and for small changes) the new release 0.5.1 has been made :)

Posted by René Neumann 2006-11-28

Release 0.5.0

So - after some time, Genetic/One v0.5.0 is ready and released :)

It offers a completely rebuilt user-interface and is now using Glade. Additionally the update-function allows the use of "--newuse"

Have fun :)

Posted by René Neumann 2006-11-07

Release 0.4.5

The release 0.4.5 is there :)

Genetic/One is now able to:
- do an "emerge --sync"
- do an "emerge --update world" with the additional parameter "--deep".
- to mark a specific parameter as getting emerged "oneshot", i.e. not being written into the world file

Further I did a small redesign in moving the emerge queue down to the console.

So far,

Posted by René Neumann 2006-10-21

Release 0.4.0

Genetic/One-0.4.0 is released.

It now enables you to mask/unmask packages - and even a whole queue if you want. Further you can enable/disable debugging output :)

And in comparison to 0.3.2 it is much faster :)

So far,

Posted by René Neumann 2006-10-09


I removed the ebuilds from the files-site.

Please use layman to get the overlay (e.g. with layman -o http://geneticone.sf.net/layman.xml -S && layman -o http://geneticone.sf.net/layman.xml -a geneticone) or download it from https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/geneticone/overlay/app-portage/geneticone .

Reason: I do not think it is necessairy to keep the ebuilds up-to-date in two different locations (and the layman-way is a lot easier for you). If I am wrong with this decision, please send me a hint :)... read more

Posted by René Neumann 2006-09-30

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