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The Compute Portal Project 0.12 release

The latest release from the Compute Portal Project features many scaling enhancements along with the usual slew of bug fixes. The most important features are the enhanced scaling and a new AJAX interface.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2012-03-09

The Compute Portal Project 0.11 release

The latest release from the Compute Portal Project features enhanced queue options, better scalability, and improvements in administration.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2009-07-21

The Compute Portal Project 0.10 release

A major update with many bug fixes, support for binary input files, and infrastructure changes that will eventually support more complex programs such as phred and phrap.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2009-02-09

The Compute Portal Project 0.9 release

This release of the Compute Portal Project includes a large number of bug fixes, infrastructure additions to facilitate job restart and workflow enactment. The Pise pipes facility has been greatly enhanced including the withpipe tag feature.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2008-01-15

Compute Portal Project Status Update

For those wondering about the long lag between the last release and now, no, the project has not gone silent. We are at work on the next release, the long awaited 0.9 series. We have working job restart, behind the scenes there is better provenance, although not fully exposed to the user, and we are working on getting all the long standing bugs quashed. With the infrastructure being put in place for the 0.9 release we will be able to add workflow enactment, SOAP and REST interfaces, and integrated file management including user file areas to store and use files from in future versions.
Expect the 0.9 release early in 2008.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2007-12-19

The Compute Portal Project 0.8.13 released

This is strictly a bug fix version. No new features. Cleaned up lots of warnings from uninitialized variables to improper array passing.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2007-10-11

The Compute Portal Project 0.8.12 released

This release fixes some nagging bugs, improves performance, and paves the way for new features with a major rewrite of the underlying code in order to better separate and modularize function. The install script can now can perform an upgrade to an existing installation.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2007-09-10

The Compute Portal Project 0.8.11 released

After two broken releases in a row I think this is a working release. I fixed many bugs and made the install script a bit better. Please give this a test. The next release will include a fully functional upgrade option to the install script.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2007-06-05

The Compute Portal Project 0.8.10 released

The 0.8.9 release was completely broken. This is mostly a bug fix release, but does include a couple of feature enhancements.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2007-05-18

The Compute Portal Project 0.8.9 released

We finally have an install script. It only works on RedHat based OS installs, but it is a start. There are also some renamed directories and symlinks. An update option to the install script will be included in the next release. I want to thank Biocant of Portugal for writing the install script.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2007-05-01

The Compute Portal Project 0.8.8 released

The Compute Portal Project announces its latest release including support for Sun Grid Engine and the very popular ROCKS cluster toolkit. Future releases will include an install script and better session management. Maybe someone will help us create a ROCKS Roll for the next release.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2007-03-14

The Compute Portal Project 0.8.7 released

Bug fix release only. Session management broke portal settings updates and a long standing bug in deleting users was fixed. A slightly updated version of ResMan is also included with updates to the Aknowledgements and a visual error in qmgr output.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2007-02-08

The Compute Portal Project 0.8.6 released

The latest release for the Compute Portal Project includes SGE support, audit logging, and general enhancements all over the place. The installation instructions have been updated and a list of common problems with solutions has been added.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2007-02-07

The Compute Portal Project 0.8.5 released

With almost one full year of production use the Compute Portal Project moves closer to a 0.9.0 final beta cycle. This release focuses on polish and feature enhancements. The next release will focus on platform independence (yes, it will run on MS Windows soon) and compute resource independence.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2007-01-05

The Portal Project 0.8.4 release

Major bug fix release. Job index page has a new download all option. Steady progression toward next major release.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2006-08-17

Compute Portal Project 0.8.3

Minor feature enhancements, minor bug fixes, bumped included ResMan Resource Manager to version 0.9.2.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2006-07-19

Compute Portal Project 0.8.2

This is just a bug fix release and does not contain any new features.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2006-05-26

The Compute Portal Project 0.8.1

This release, although only a numerical jump from 0.8.0 to 0.8.1, is in reality a major feature enhancement, as well has fixing many PHP4 compatibility problems and quashing numerous bugs.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2006-05-10

The Compute Portal Project 0.8.0

This release brings together the pieces and sqaushes numerous bugs. The higlights are atually being able to run under PHP4 (oops), a job lurker that can survive web server restarts, and many months of user feedback in a production environment.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2006-03-31

The Compute Portal Project 0.7.10

Bug fix release. Fixed critical bug in cgi controller, minor bug in program access component.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2006-02-21

The Compute Portal Project 0.7.9

This fixes a critical bug in the perl exec function.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2006-02-21

The Compute Portal Project 0.7.8

A bug fix release for the 0.7 series. The only remaining item before an 0.8 release is a fully functional lurker.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2006-02-14

The Compute Portal Project 0.7.5

In the rush to get to 0.8 many files are being refactored, some files are bing renamed, and class heirarchies are being validated and changed. Many features that were switched off in the source have been activated and some new features have been added. A few bugs have been found and fixed too.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2006-02-02

The Compute Portal Project 0.7.0

The latest beta of The Compute Portal Project has been released. This release has a cleaner interface, a dual license, and many feature enhancements. If you support a computational computing system for a research organization look no further for an intuitive user interface.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2006-01-31

The Compute Portal Project 0.6 released

This second beta of the Compute Portal Project includes Pise style pipes, better news management, and many, many bug fixes. The INSTALL document is improving and should have enough information to complete an install.

Posted by Shawn Houston 2005-12-08