optimizing pubuntu - possible ?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-01-07

    This is a WONDERFUL idea, and works pretty well too, but:
    I would like to take a bit of control of this and change some things such as removing programs I will never use, installing the RUNZ Framework, and using their apps.

    Immediate obstacle: Cannot uninstall ANYTHING ?! All it returns is error messages 'Cygwin cannot uninstall…blah blah blah…'

    Is that because I am the default user ?

    Does this require root access ?

    OK - so terminal…sudo su <pw>….then what, please ?
    OR: what do I have to do ?

    I tried using the system-> switch users menu option….and….nuttin happens.

    Lastly, counter to all popular 'nix wisdom, I'd like to change the default user to root or a high level user at least until I have this the way I want it.

    Thanks for any help !


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-01-07

    OK - so I got into Synaptic Package Manager and see where I can possibly make some changes, though it seems a slow/clunky method to do so.

    Big question regarding Skype:
    Is the Skype from HackToLive (RUNZ package) the best way to add this to pUbuntu ?
    Is there a better way ?

    I use the win-doze Skype and it increases it's RAM use exponentially as the hours pass and I want that problem GONE !




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