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HOWTO expand the root disk under TRES

John Cowan
  • John Cowan

    John Cowan - 2010-09-20

    As distributed, Portable Ubuntu has only a 2 GB root disk.  If you want a larger root disk, follow this procedure:

    1) Halt Linux with

    sudo halt


    2) Download the Colinux Image Tools from  If that doesn't work, other links can be found at  Unpack the ZIP file in any convenient directory.

    3) In Windows, run

    tfile ...\images\rootfs.img n



    with the location of your Portable Ubuntu tree and


    with the desired size in megabytes.  For example, for a 32 GB disk, specify 32768.  This should be very fast.

    4) Restart Linux.

    5) In Linux, run

    sudo resize2fs

    .  Do not do anything on Linux while this runs: it will take some time.

    6) When


    completes, you can see the new size of your root disk with

    du -h /
  • John Cowan

    John Cowan - 2010-09-20


    In step 5, run

    sudo resize2fs /dev/cobd0


  • bipll

    bipll - 2010-10-28

    Thanks man, a nice tip.


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