connect to internet (wifi) bypassing the host

  • meubuntu

    meubuntu - 2011-10-26

    HI, I have installed portable ubuntu on XP and able to connect to internet, but I assume it is piggybacking on the host (xp) network. Is it possible to dirrectly connect the pubuntu to internet without using the host system net connection? I even donot need pubuntu to talk to the host. If I have a wifi hotspot device (mifi / tethered smart phone) , can I connect pubuntu to that device network directly (even if the host XP does not have any wifi configured / enabled).

    Please share your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

  • bob_wh

    bob_wh - 2011-10-29

    Pubuntu has an option called bridging but after checking on the TRES version it does not work and no changes for this were made in version 4.   It may be several weeks before I have time to fix it.

    If you need it immediately I suggest that you create a .bat file to invoke colinux with option: ethX=ndis-bridge,,,  You can read documentation on this option in colinux-daemon.txt file of the colinux subdirectory of the pubuntu directory. You may also want to copy the options from the colinux.conf file that is dynamically created in your TEMP directory when pubuntu is running to avoid making up the other options that are need to run.  Also,  you may want to the use the option to auto start the xserver that is described in the documentation file.  Reading the Colinux wiki may be helpful is you have problems. If these don't help after you have made your best effort you may want to ask on the colinux mailing list.


  • meubuntu

    meubuntu - 2011-11-16

    Thanks Bob for your response. Please take my apology for not able to respond earlier. I wrongly thought that I am monitoring this post. I will give it a try in next couple of days and update you.


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