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New Version of PortableSigner

There is a new version of PortableSigner.

Here are the features, changes,...

  • Signatureblock has now three available positions:
    • extra page at the end of the document,
    • on the first page or
    • on the last page.
  • You can specify the position on the options page (only in metric for the moment).
  • Java 1.7 is used
  • GTK Layout under Linux is used
  • Source Code Repository has switched from subverion to git
  • Due to massive problems with the automatic installation of the "Java Unrestricted Security Policy" under Windows I've dropped the option in the Intaller. You must copy the files to the correct directory manually.... read more
Posted by Peter Pflaeging 2013-02-27

2nd Release of 1.7 => 1.7.118

Sorry, but I think I was to quick with my release yesterday.
In this release I fixed the following:
- Bug in Commandline Mode (Exception with commandline options)
- Mac OSX package not working
- false Java Libraries

In addition to the bug fix, I inserted a shell script and an install program for the OSX Release!


Posted by Peter Pflaeging 2009-08-12

New Version of PortableSigner (1.7)

I've released a new version of PortableSigner yet.

New features are:

- first limited support for automated installation on the Linux Desktop plattform
- updated libraries
- You can use PortableSigner.jar as Java Library!

Posted by Peter Pflaeging 2009-08-11

New Version 1.6 of PortableSigner

There's a new release of PortableSigner 1.6.

PortableSigner is a signing (with X.509 certificates) program for PDF files. It's plattform independent and runs (tested) under Windows (2000, XP, ...), Linux and Mac OS X.


The program is under GNU-LGPL

New Features:
- Preview buttons
- polish localization
- In commandline mode it is possible to sign encrypted documents
- In commandline mode it is possible to work with a password file
- The document has not to be finalized. With this option it is possible to sign multiple times. Only the last signer has to finalize the document.
- The localization method for the signature block has been altered. So it's easier to add new languages (see Translation.txt).
- There's the possibility to make an "intranet" build for easier deployment in intranets (see HowTo-InternalUse.txt).
- The signature block is now in conformance with the Austrina e-government rules.... read more

Posted by Peter Pflaeging 2009-02-11

Version 1.6 coming soon

I'm at the final work for Version 1.6 of PortableSigner.

The following changes will be in the new package:

- Preview Button on the GUI
- Localizations: italian, polish, german, english
- more commandline options
- ...

Posted by Peter Pflaeging 2009-02-04

New Release 1.4.82 of PortableSigner

I've made a new release of PortableSigner available.

New features:
- better help
- warning on JCE problems
- you can sign without finalizing the document
- you can add comments to the signature block

Posted by Peter Pflaeging 2008-03-27

Windows Installer for 1.3.72 was defect

Sorry, the Windows installer for Version 1.3.72 was defect. I replaced it with a correct version:


:peter pfläging

Posted by Peter Pflaeging 2007-09-14

New release 1.3.72

I've tried to integrate native keystores (Windows and Mac OS x) in PortableSigner. I failed miserably. Both keystore bindings are not working correct. The code is partially in the project, but disabled!

I've cleaned up the code a little bit, upgraded both bouncycastle (now 137) and itext (now 2.05).

The program is now tested with java 1.6 under windows and mac os x.

:peter pfläging

Posted by Peter Pflaeging 2007-09-13

New Release 1.3.43

This Release has no new features. I've cleaned up the code a little bit and added a Windows EXE installer.

I've got to tasks on my list:
- Integration with MacOSX or Windows Certificate store
- Adding timestamping services (a little bit complicated :-()


Posted by Peter Pflaeging 2007-04-27

New Release 1.3

Added several features to PortableSigner:
- Ability to add a signature block
- IzPack Installer for Windows (not testet on Linux)
- Several Bug Fixes
- output name is set automatic (changeable)

Posted by Peter Pflaeging 2007-02-23

New Release 1.2

There's a new release of PortableSigner available. The only changes at the moment:
- Added License dialog
- correct licenses in source

Posted by Peter Pflaeging 2006-12-15

New Release 1.1

There's a new release of PortableSigner.
The main changes are:
- Windows .exe with Icon
- new user interface
- better error response

Posted by Peter Pflaeging 2006-11-27

First public release

I've published the first release of PortalSigner as plattform independent .zip file and as Mac OS X application (also as .zip file

Posted by Peter Pflaeging 2006-11-14

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