Dave Cooper - 2013-11-07

Is Portable AllegroServe maintained actively?

See the git history from the past six months or so. It is updated and
patched to meet peoples' immediate needs and fix compatibility issues
on platforms where it currently runs. From where I sit, it is
maintained to the point that it works with our gendl project and Genworks GDL (http://github.com/genworks/gendl, http://genworks.com) to run our web-based development environment and generative GUIs, on the following CL platforms:

* Lispworks (all OSs) 
* CCL (all OSs) 
* SBCL (Linux, Mac)

I would like to see it working on clisp, abcl and other platforms (best way to get there in my opinion is refactoring of acl-compat, see
(2) below).

Is it a reliable choice for a business with a web site/application of high internet traffic?

We are not using portableallegroserve for high volume websites currently. I do know that the original allegroserve (with Allegro CL) is being used for high-volume sites.

Whether portableallegroserve in its current state is reliable for high-volume business I cannot answer definitively. I am pretty sure that would also depend on what CL platform you are talking about. I am interested in testing portableallegroserve for high-volume usage.

Before doing major overhauls or tuning to portableallegroserve, my opinion is that acl-compat should be refactored to use now-defacto-standard libraries from quicklisp e.g. Bordeaux-threads. Then portableallegroserve should be brought up to date with original allegroserve.

What about the bug in http client mentioned in cliki page

I am not aware of the bug in the client. I have been using the client for a long time with no issues, but maybe i'm not stressing it enough or doing something to provoke this bug. A comprehensive runtime test suite for portableallegroserve (server/client/proxy) would be a valuable contribution.

I certaionly do wish someone would update the Cliki page to stop talking about this project as "unmaintained" (possible "undermaintained" or "in need of overhaul" :) (I'm not sure what one has to do to update Cliki).

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