OliverK, PatrickPatience, and I were talking about the RT today and came upon this conclusion, which seems to be the best way to jump-start what's going on.

We are all going to pick one app we are working on and post it on the page, and then the others shall test it.  Basically playing "musical apps" as PP said.  Then when the team has gotten through the apps, or has found an issue, that should be posted to the correct thread.  Just do that until the app gets released.  As your app gets released, you pick another app and the process starts over.

Here's what we've got so far:

OliverK: Monster2
ChrisMorgan: Code::Blocks
ZachThibeau: SMPlayer

That's all we've got as of now.  So lets get selecting and testing!

I'm working on setting up my two VMs now so I can test with them.

As you pick your apps, update the page and send an email :)  Lets get this show on the road once again!