I'm going to agree with you OliverK.  And I believe that's how John wants it to work, but he'll have to comment.

I believe anything that can be used by multiple apps should be stored in CommonFiles.  Currently, GTK for Pidgin is not, but I don't think there are (m)any apps that currently use GTK.

I believe unless it HAS to be different, IE - use a set version of the shared library, it should be allowed to be stored in CommonFiles.  But, on top of that, we need to have a solid base for it like John has done with Java before we can really require the app to use a commonfile location of the library.


OliverK wrote:
Codifying Some Support I don't know if anyone is keeping up with the gVim thread, but I posted about something that I thought the Release Team should handle (or at least consider).
As I posted here, http://portableapps.com/node/15654#comment-126364, I thought the the release team should formalize where the whole Perl\Python\ruby, etc debate.

I'll start with perl as I butcher it quit well.  There's two Perl releases in the forums currently:
Shawn Fauchers
Shawn Faucher's version places the bin\lib\site of Perl in Common Files.  daBomb's goes in App\Perl for the binaries.  Neither of these will function with XChat's perl plugin, which requires ActiveState ActivePerl.  Technically a third version of perl.
Strawberry Perl also released a portable version.

There's technically two version of Python in forums, although one has been declared defunct by it's author.  I can't really comment on this one, since I'm not sure how exactly the whole thing works.

Personally, I'm evenly split on the issue for Perl, as well as Python.  I don't think Python support can be cut up the way Shawn did Perl.  I know Java runtimes are in CommonFiles, so I would think that its appropriate for Python and Perl runtimes (along with others) to also be there.  However, that brings in the issues of asking developers to change the way they are handling distributions, which I don't think would be greeted with exactly open arms. 

I know I am not for doing multiple copies of everything by every app.  Even though flash drives are ridiculously cheap these days, I still don't think we should squander that space that could be used for something else.  I think that it would also increase download sizes, which is unnecessary.  Especially if we have the something like gVim being bundled with 5 different languages.

Perhaps the only exception is something like XChat, but I don't think that XChat is going to be released . . .  In that case, we could probably do addon installers of some sort.

John, I don't know if you have a plan here or not.  If you do, I'd like to know.  I think that the issue will become greater as more IDE's and other things are (hopefully) introduced, and that it would be nice to be dealt with now.

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