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I'm the admin of DocFetcher, a desktop-search app written in Java, which is hosted on SourceForge.net as well. Currently, we have a portable version which is capable of running on both Windows and Linux, provided that a Java Runtime is installed. On Windows, the program is launched with an Exe, on Linux with a shell script.

We'd like to make this portable version Portable Apps compatible. However, after having skimmed your docs, I have the impression that Portable Apps are generally Windows-only. Is this correct? And if so, are there any plans to support programs that run on multiple platforms, especially Java programs?

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  • John T. Haller

    John T. Haller - 2013-10-30
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  • John T. Haller

    John T. Haller - 2013-10-30

    Apologies for the slow response, but we don't monitor these trackers (I'm disabling them now so we don't have future requests go unnoticed). We may support Mac and Linux at a future date, but most computers people will encounter while moving about will be Windows (library, net cafe, hotel business center, etc).


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