#1 Portable 7-Zip, ClamAV, Foxit, VideoLAN

Future Release

Dear John,

first of all many thanks for contributing such useful
Open Source programs to the community!
Therefore I updated and added some program listings at
betanews.com for you.

With Portable OpenOffice.org I already can view and
edit most document formats on every PC or laptop just
by plugging in my USB thumbdrive.
I can convert incompatible Word, Excel and Powerpoint
files to standard OpenDocument formats and then export
them easily into the Portable Document Format (PDF).

But what about four other important file format types:
archive, multimedia, PDF and virus files?

Now that Google supports Firefox, Gaim and VideoLAN,
these already good alternatives have the power to
become standard programs.

With Portable VideoLAN I could take most multimedia
files AND a player on my USB thumbdrive and could watch
and listen them on every PC.

7-Zip is one of the best archive programs, it extracts
many archive formats and creates extremely high
compressed 7z archives.
Even the popular WinRAR supports 7z archives already.

With Portable 7-Zip I could compress everything I need
to transport with my USB thumbdrive to very small 7z
files and could extract them on every PC.
Every week and every new Portable App means less free
space on my USB thumbdrive.

ClamAV is a powerful and cross platform anti virus program.

With Portable ClamAV every normal PC user could test
every computer he is working with BEFORE he works with it.
The first thing he has to do is just plugging in his
USB thumbdrive and let Portable ClamAV automatically
scan memory, boot sectors and all hard disk files.

An alternative to ClamAV would be AVG Anti-Virus, but
it's only Freeware, not Open Source.
It is strongly supported by Intel and has a very good
scanning engine.

And instead of downloading and installing the 23 MB
Adobe Reader when I want to view the standard PDF files
generated by Portable OpenOffice.org, it would be much
easier just to start the free and small Foxit Reader
right from my iPod.
This program is Freeware, too.

I could convince all people of these great programs
without forcing them to install anything onto their
Just by plugging my thumbdrive in and showing them the
power of Open Source.

Best regards,


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    Foxit already runs from usb-drive. Its just the exe and you
    don't need any customizing to do.

  • John T. Haller

    John T. Haller - 2006-03-22
    • status: open --> closed
  • John T. Haller

    John T. Haller - 2006-03-22

    Logged In: YES

    VLC is under construction:

    ClamAW and 7zip will be released once PortableApps.com gets
    a new dedicated server (within the next week).

    As mentioned, Foxit runs portably unaltered. Directions for
    integrating it with Portable Firefox (click to launch a PDF
    in the browser) will be posted soon.


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