I use PoPToP for several years now and I have to say it is a great piece of software. I think I use it in a different way as most of the PPTPd users, because I use it to grant internal users access to the internet when an user logs in using PPTP.


Let me first describe the current and working situation. On my internal network,, is one PPTPd server at IP address This PPTPd server is configured to give users an 10.115.x.x/32 address. When a user logs on, it will get a 10.115.x.x/32 address and then a user is allow to get access to the Internet.


Current schematically situation:

Client ( ----> Server ( ---> Internet


Because the internal network is a bridged network, all users can reach each other and the server on the data layer, the users where always able to talk to the server on the same network. Now I want to use routing in my internal network, so users have to reach most users and always the server on the network layer.  In the new situation the client will only reach the server using some hops. At my home I have a test environment that is using the configuration that is listed below. The client is talking with the server on the network layers where HOP1 is the router between the both networks ( and In my first tests I was very positive, because the IP routing was working: I was able to ping from the client to server and I could also reach the web server that is running on the server. But the problem with the setup is the most important point: the PPTP connection was not working properly between the client and the server. The exact problem is that I am able to setup a connection to the server without any problems, but I can get data through the tunnel that is created. For example, if I start a ping on the client to server, I get fast responses. But when I login to the PPTP server, I only get time outs and within the minute the client disconnects the PPTP connection and there are responses again.


New situation:

Client ( ----> - HOP1 - ----->Server ( ---> Internet


I already tried to add some routes on the server, but that is not creating a working situation. Could someone please help me with this problem?


Kind regards,


Krijn Tanis