Hey all,

Heres's one for you. I am currently setting up a new MS-ChapV2/MPPE VPN
gateway with pptp/ppp to freeradius authing against an LDAP store.

This VPN will be used for multiple client domains and so I would like to use
usernames in the form of „user@domain.tld“ instead of „user“ (which is the
situation atm).

The LDAP store has a branch as follows:


under ou=domains I have entries for each domain that I will be offering VPN
access to.

ie. cn=domain.tld,ou=domains,dc=company,dc=com

I would like to get ppp to send the complete user@domain.tld to radius and
have radius use the „domain.tld“ as part of the filter for the username search
to limit the search to the sub-branch from the correct domain.

The problem is that I have yet to find a way to get ppp to send the username
to Freeradius if there is an @ symbol in the username.

Any ideas?