ctownj30 - 2013-04-16

I've got a poptop server running on a primarily Windows networks. My remote clients are all Windows 7.

On my home network there is a Windows DNS server (call it This server holds a couple of "private" domains: .dev (which is for a bunch of development web sites), and a .office.local domain.

On my LAN, DHCP hands the address as the primary DNS to all the machines (as well as a secondary external DNS server as a backup), and they all properly resolve the private DNS entries just fine.

My remote clients do not resolve any of the private DNS entries. Windows host names resolve correctly though (presumably facilitated by bcrelay, which I've enabled).

I have the following set in my options file:


Also, its curious that if I do an IPCONFIG on the remote workstations, I show this for the VPN connection:

DNS Servers.............

The 64. address is the secondary DNS server that my DHCP hands to clients, but it knows nothing about the .dev and .office.local domains. I'm not sure why the order is reversed and am wondering if this is a factor.

Any ideas? Basically, I'd like my remote VPN clients to resolve these private domains correctly just like my local machines do.

Thanks - DJM