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  • James E Lang

    James E Lang - 2005-07-19

    I was looking at the documentation and found the following statement in the QuickStart/Installing wiki.

    System Requirements

    You'll need several things to get started with POPFile.

        * The latest POPFile release.
        * An e-mail account that uses the POP3 protocol (most accounts do, although you can't use POPFile with web-based services like Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail without extra software)
        * Around 10 MB free disk space

    Is it still officially true that you need "An e-mail account that uses the POP3 protocol?"

    I realize that the IMAP server is not yet an official part of POPFile. That server removes the requirement for using the POP3 protocol.

    I don't know anything about the requirements to use the nntp, smtp, or xmlrpc interfaces. I don't even know, yet, whether these are stand-alone interfaces. I'm just starting to dig into the wikis to see what I can learn about those parts of POPFile that I don't use.


    • Texas Fett

      Texas Fett - 2005-12-28

      It has been a long time since this message, but Jim is right.  How do we deal with that?  POPFile works best with POP3, but that is certainly not required.

      • Manni

        Manni - 2005-12-28

        Thanks for bringing this up again.

        I've fixed it the easy way and added a little "introduction" that says that the quick start guide assumes the use of POP3.



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