Burov Dmitry - 2006-10-22

Now, that MS OE is phsed out, this seems to be like post-mortem dumob, but...

There was a project making addons to MSOE, trying to go back to it's original, later sacrificed for simplicity, modular design.
For a years it is almost dead now (one core developer left to nowhere, another left for Miranda-IM, code was never allowed to be open-source)

One of the features are templates, which can significantly change the way message is displayed (read templates) or replied (for example there were a bunch ofplugins including my own to tolerate and even use multiple replies sibjects, like those "Re[10]:" meat in The Bat or even "Re^10:" met rarely. Sure, if someone needs this, that could be customized to:
1) hide POPFile-added tickets from preview window of OE message.
Example of such "read skin" that turns custom header of NNTP-transport for one multi-protocol forum into clickable links: http://arioch.nm.ru/FL/Fidolook_RSDN_skin.png

1.1) if this add-on was alive - then is also could modify Subject lines on the fly for the very tree of messages, like it is alread ydone to recover unicode headers or bad charset records, but i don;t remember any code changes in last sevral years

2) reply-templates could be used to implement simple plugin to remove POPFile-specific tickets from Subject or from other headers

3) AFAIR, there is no possibility to add custom message sorting rules, so nothing can be used, basing on headers :(

4) I wonder if POPFile could be somehow modularised to, say, support NNTP-forums and Atop-API forums (blogs). I think not in observable future though :-)