Close HOWTO forum?

Texas Fett
  • Texas Fett

    Texas Fett - 2004-06-10

    A quote from the Help forum (I think):
    "You should add your explanation to the HOWTO forum, I looked there and didn't see how to import the corpus."

    No one is keeping the HOWTO forum up to date with new submissions.  More frequently it gets the misdirected "How do I ..." questions instead of "How to do" as it is meant for.  With the Wiki reorganization and making it more visible to users I think its time to do away with the HOWTO forum.  It just causes confusion and provides a lot of old information.  If there is a way to save all the messages (even if only accessable to PF developers) it would be nice.

    IF we do keep it, is it possible to get a message to stay sticky at the top of the forum saying to go to the Wiki?  And maybe lock for new posts.

    • Michael Bierman

      Michael Bierman - 2004-06-10

      Great ideas.  The wiki is the way to go.


    • James E Lang

      James E Lang - 2005-06-30

      I realize that this thread has been dormant for over a year.

      I just looked at the latest case of someone blundering onto the HOWTO forum instead of using the HELP forum.

      What instructions have not been migrated from the HOWTO forum to the wiki?

      I really believe that the HOWTO forum should be closed as soon as this migration is complete.


      • Texas Fett

        Texas Fett - 2005-06-30

        I think nearly everything has been moved to the wiki already.  John just hasn't got around to doing anything with the forum.  There should be a way to lock it even if we don't get rid of it.


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