An Old Manual, A New Page & MSN?

  • SBernheart

    SBernheart - 2006-12-03

    By suggestion, I am moving parts of a thread I started in the 'Help' forum.  The full thread --

    I think it kind of went off on a tangent of it's own.  LOL  I started out trying to get an account with added to my Incredimail.  I had just learned how to get Yahoo to work using YPOPs and I was pretty sure the MSN account came through right along with it, but it was informing me that I had "no secure server specified" and I know uses 'Secure Password Authentication' but I don't know what else it wants me to do about it.  Specifically, "-ERR Transparent proxying not configured: set secure server/port".  That's why I was asking about the SPA page.  I still don't know what I'm to do about that, but then the thread took off in a new direction, ending up with the following:

    "PS: I wrote my 1st page for the wiki at and I'm having a hard time with the parent page I have to fix the link to and from each page and I'm working on it right now, but if I get stuck, I'll be back for help. If there's anything else wrong with the page itself, please let me know. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks"

    I ended up copying the original page I wrote on this page instead:
    So I managed to figure that one out on my own, but I don't know how to delete the original page.  If someone with that authority could delete that for me, it'd be great.  I'm assuming, of course, that the new page actually belongs there.  I certainly think so -- it's why I wrote it, for Incredimail, I mean.  I'd like to write a few more and now that I know how to get the title to link to it's page, I'll feel alright.  If anyone has any thoughts about it, feel free.......

    Finally, regarding the business of the wiki being somewhat obsolete and the manual definitely so, is there a reason the old documentation needs to remain on the site?  I don't know this stuff well enough to know whether somebody would still have a good reason to keep it around, but it seems to me that it serves only to confuse people -- like me!
    As I stated in the thread from the Help forum, I made some minor changes to the wiki version of that page, so now I made the page look as if it's still current material.  Do you know what I mean?  It was nothing, but I didn't realize what I had done until it was done.  Now, the next one of 'me' will come along and be just as confused (if not more so) as I was in the first place!  This is probably not an easy fix, unless you can just delete that page, too, while you're deleting the page I asked you to remove for me.
    Wow, if you're just as lost as I am right now, jot down some notes and I'll check back later, OK?  I do some of my better work early in the AM.  Trouble with that is -- I haven't been to bed yet and it's almost 8am -- so I'm finally tired enough to go to sleep, but my writing might not be 'up to snuff'.  I hope you understand my requests.

    >>How do I 'specify the secure server' for my only address with POPFile, YPOPs and Incredimail?  I've already configured Incredimail thanks to Brian.<<
    >>Please delete the original page I wrote now that I transferred it's contents to the rightful position as a subfile in the 'HowTos'<<
    >>What can we do about outdated material?  Wiki pages can be altered, but what about the manual?<< 

    How about a permanent "Original Post Date" on ALL pages, so if used, at least you'd know when it was first posted.  I mean this to be totally separate from the automatically updating when an edit occurs.  Just a thought -- hope I didn't give you too many 'thoughts' for one message!  I'm off to get some much needed shut eye!!  I'll check back a little later if you have any questions.  Thanks for your attention with this matter.

    Mel Anne  [;}]

    • Brian Smith

      Brian Smith - 2006-12-03

      >> but I don't know how to delete the original page <<

      The wiki's "Practice editing the wiki" page says this:

      Deleting pages According to, you can delete pages by simply adding "DeletedPage" as the only word on the first line of the page you want to delete. After two weeks the wiki software will expire the page.

      The page might not get deleted until some wiki maintenance gets performed (by John?) but at least the page will be marked as "deleted" until it actually gets removed.


    • SBernheart

      SBernheart - 2006-12-04

      OK -- Now you're just playing with me, right Brian?  LOL LOL  You tell me it's related to another forum, I move over here and you still answer my post?  You really, really should get paid!!!!!
      Next, I must apologize.  I made a rookie mistake.  Anyone reading this, that doesn't already know better, should pay attention to the following:


      Sorry.  That was pretty simple.  Hopefully, I've updated the duplicate page correctly.  If not, I'm sure I'll get it sooner or later.  I've been here just over a year.  Still learning, but I should've caught that.  You've been with POPFile almost four years now, Brian.  Yeah, I finally took a peak since you seem to be very knowledgeable about more than just one specific topic.  I guess I have a lot more to learn.  It's hard to read everything, but I find that the more I learn, the more I help myself with other things like my own website.  I take what I learn with me wherever I go.  Besides, I enjoy the distraction from my aches and pains.
      Once I got hollered at for writing too much -- kinda like I'm doing right now.  I was told to 'keep it simple' if I wanted a reply.  While I can certainly appreciate the time factor, you gotta know everybody's different.  I tend to over-explain stuff.  Comes with the territory.  I suffer with chronic pain on a daily basis making concentration difficult.  I have to read and re-read again and again before it sinks in.  So, believe me when I say, I appreciate your patience with my 'blog style' posts, for a lack of a better term.  I don't expect sympathy, but empathy, on the other hand, is quite a refreshing change.  I'll try not to take advantage of it.
      Having said that, and with one page under my belt, I'm planning on writing a page on IMAP -- for Incredimail -- but I do still have that question naggin' me about how to "set secure server/port" for MSN.  Everything else seems to be working OK.  Good enough to write my outcome to the wiki.  So, you're actually helping all wiki users -- the ones using Incredimail anyway.  LOL
      I don't usually write about my personal stuff, but you've been helping me with so much of late that I thought you should know that my 'thank you' is genuine.  If I could ever repay you, maybe do some proof reading for you or help you type up some instructions for pages of your own, send me a message.  I'd be glad to give YOU a hand for a change, OK?  Keep it in mind.  I hope my page met the same standards I've found here.  I don't mind constructive criticism.  I welcome it.  How else can one expect to learn without it?

      Mel Anne  [;}]

    • SBernheart

      SBernheart - 2006-12-04

      What an airhead!  I completely forgot about the reason the thread migrated over here in the first place!!  I'll just 'KISS' this time.  My suggestion regarding the obsolete portions of the wiki and possibly the whole manual?

      >>Why not write a sentence or two on each page reporting that it is out of date 'as of 00-00-0000' and, if done by someone who knows, redirecting the viewer to a different page?<<

      Now there's something I could do if 'someone who knows' was able to jot down the URLs of said pages.  I'll start the ball rolling by writing a little something on the page I've been talking about.  The manual, however, is another matter that I cannot fix.  Any thoughts on the subject?

      Mel Anne  [;}]


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