Error on the XML-RPC API documentation

  • Guilherme

    Guilherme - 2005-03-10


    Im working with the XML-RPC API documentation and discovered that there is an error on what is documented for the handle_message method available at

    The documentation says that handle_message returns bucketname, similar to method classify (a string with the name of the bucket to which the message was classified to). What I found out is tha handle_massage acctualy returns a integer.

    Checking Popfile source code I saw that handle_message returns the same as classify_and_modify, which returns three values and I quote the source code commentary "Returns a classification if it worked and the slot ID of the history item related to this classification".

    I believe that the integer value returned by handle-message is the first value returned by classify_and_modify.

    Anyway, either handle_message should be corrected to actually return the bucket name, or the documentation updated to reflect the implemented behavior.

    GREAT tool by the way!

    Guilherme Szundy

    • Manni

      Manni - 2005-03-14

      Thanks for the pointer.

      classify_and_modify returns the bucket names, the history-slot-id, and a boolean which tells you whether a magnet was used or not. Since handle_message will return what it gets from classify_and_modify, the return value of handle_message should be exactly the same.



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