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  • naoki iimura

    naoki iimura - 2004-12-04

    We have been working to translate the Wiki-based documentation into Japanese and we almost complete the translation (except for the developers' information).
    We think it's time to change the link in the POPFile homepage (getpopfile.org) to the Japanese manual from 'http://popfile.sourceforge.net/manual/jp/manual.html' to 'http://popfile.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?JP_POPFileDocumentationProject'.
    Can you change the link?


    • John Graham-Cumming


      Thank you to all the Japanese translators who have made this translation possible.


      • naoki iimura

        naoki iimura - 2004-12-12


        Thanks. I'll tell your message to the other members in Japanese translation project.


    • Sam Schinke

      Sam Schinke - 2005-02-25


      Is there a chance any Japanese translators could back-translate any of the pages that are present in Japanese but not in English?

      I noticed there is, for instance, a Japanese APOP page (and it seems to cover all the right details), but no English APOP page. Rather than create an English page from scratch, a translation (even a rough one) would be an excellent place to start.


      • Sam Schinke

        Sam Schinke - 2005-02-25

        Woops! I see the APOP page has already been translated. I will change my note on the wikitodo page, or perhaps just add a "translation" section where translations can be requested.


        • Texas Fett

          Texas Fett - 2005-02-25

          Yep.  There are probably some other Japanese pages that should be translated.

          One page I have always wondered about was GobbledygookInUI.  I am not sure that would even apply to the English version, but the name is interesting.  Some of the pages that aren't translated seem to deal with Japanese only programs so I don't think those are a problem.

          • naoki iimura

            naoki iimura - 2005-02-28

            Joseph and Sam,

            In Japanese environment, a few people experienced the problem that the
            characters in the UI was not correctly (these unreadable text are exactly
            "gobbledygook" for us) displayed due to the bugs or mis-configuration of
            the web browser. This page (GobbledygookInUI) explains how to correct this
            This is the Japanese specific problem so I think there is no need to
            translate the page into English.

            I know there are some Japanese pages which should be translated into
            English. We are going to look over these Japanese original pages and
            translate them.


            • Texas Fett

              Texas Fett - 2005-02-28

              Thanks for taking a look to see what needs to be translated.  You guys are still pretty active on the wiki.  It seems the English documentation has really slowed down.  Maybe some new pages will get us motivated again.  Soon there are going to be lots of changes to make for 0.23.


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