Wiki Anchors now supported!

  • Michael Bierman

    Michael Bierman - 2005-01-13

    I am glad to say that the wiki now supports anchors! see for details. 

    To set an anchor add the following on a blank line above where you want to set the anchor. (usually just above the header is a good place.)


    To use anchors, standard links work:

    It will obviously take a while to set anchors throughout the site, but this will really help improve the documentation.  I've made a modest start on this and will keep chipping away.


    • Manni

      Manni - 2005-01-13

      Cool! That's indeed very, very useful.

      What happened? Was that a hidden feature? Or did you use some X-files technique to make our usemod copy support that feature?


      • Michael Bierman

        Michael Bierman - 2005-01-13

        No, I didn't do anything--I just noticed this "buried treasure" in the wiki notes.  I suspect it is a new feature.

        The only downside to it is that it seems to break the convention of []'s slightly.  If you use the Intra-wiki style link, e.g.  [[/HowTo#anchorname | HOWTO ]]   the link isn't right so you have to use fully qualified links e.g.

        Seems like a small price to pay to me.


    • rdlin

      rdlin - 2005-01-14

      They have been there all along.

      I used them on this page

      for the "walktru" links



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