New POPFile user -- spam getting through HELP

  • pasdetrois

    pasdetrois - 2005-10-12

    A month ago I began receiving floods of pornographic email, about 50 a day. I tried using POPFile to block it. POPFile recognizes it and places the word [porn] in the Subject line, then the email is delivered to my Outlook Express 6 Delete folder. This is based on a mail rule that I created. But what I want to do is block the pornographic email from being delivered at all and I cannot figure out a combination of rules that will do this. I tried before settling on the current configuration that delivers it to my Delete folder. What am I doing wrong?

    • davcefai

      davcefai - 2005-10-13

      I don't think you can block off mail with POPFile. That's not its function. You got the mail into the deleted folder and that's about the best you can do.

      It's a long time since I used Ourlook Express so I don'r remember its capabbilities. In Outlook proper you can create a rule which deletes files, bypassing the Delete folder. Maybe you could do this in Express. Otherwise try a better email client. There are lots.

      I gave up on Outlook Express a long time ago because of it's lack of capabilities. Calypso is great but has moved from free to paid-for.

    • Austin David France

      You can't block delivery in popfile (out of the box at least), nor would you normaly want to because of false positives.

      Moving them to the deleted folder is the correct way to do this (or a spam folder).  Then if you are expecting an email that does not seem to have arrived you can check your deleted items/spam folder to see if its falsely been identified as porn.

      If you are concerned about inadvertantly viewing the content of these emails, you can tell popfile to wrap them up using the Quarantine Message option of each bucket.

    • pasdetrois

      pasdetrois - 2005-10-13

      Thank you both -- you verified what I suspected to be the case and saved me some time.

      I will try Outlook and if that doesn't improve things I'll try other email clients. I have Outlook Express and Outlook as a matter of course with my MS Office suite, so I've been using them. It would be worth it to pay for a better client. I'll look into Calypso, which I've never heard of.

      Thanks again.

      • Tom Plunket

        Tom Plunket - 2005-10-16

        You may investigate other email clients, because really you get what you pay for.  Outlook and Outlook Express are really not good for email handling in general, at least not if you want to do anything beyond reading and writing email.  If you want your email client to be configurable and automatable, you'll have to look into other options.

        I use The Bat! at this time.  My girlfriend uses Eudora and she likes it ok.  I work with people who think Thunderbird is the greatest thing ever (and it's free I think).  Calypso and Pegasus have been around forever and have their adorers but I've never used them myself.  Agent has an email client but it seems to be getting worse and worse every time there's a new version (the developer focuses on the newsgroup experience, so its email functionality is fairly limited although it has really powerful filtering capabilities).

        Good luck.  It's not fun switching to a new email program but if you spend some time trying out a few different ones, you'll likely find one that works the way you do and it'll be totally worth it.

        • Jeremiah

          Jeremiah - 2007-03-03

          "I work with people who think Thunderbird is the greatest thing ever (and it's free I think)."

          Yes, Thunderbird is free. Both in cost and philosophy :). And I hear it's a great client.

          I personally use Pegasus mail but I do *NOT* recommend getting it until the author has sorted out his financial troubles. He's already pulled the software down once and grudgingly put it back up after a large volume of feedback. But he's still having financial troubles, so the future of Pegasus is uncertain. It is a great client, though, and does indeed have filters that can delete emails.

    • Tom Plunket

      Tom Plunket - 2005-10-16

      If you just want to block spam, go to and sign up.

      I think PopFile is the best for what it does, and in my case I use it to categorize email into about ten different categories.  I used to use it to categorize spam as well, but then found that I still needed to download and then manually delete the spam anyway so when I found it changed my life.  ;)

    • pt

      pt - 2006-05-15

      Eudora is mostly in mantanience mode now. It's a really old email client. I use it and like it enough to not bother about changing.

    • Robert Daun

      Robert Daun - 2007-03-19

      I have my filter setup to identify spam as spam and I have an Outlook Express folder for spam.  I also have my message rules set up so that all mail sent to the spam folder is always indicated as "read" even though it has not been opened at all.  I do this so that there never is an indication along the spam folder with new messages.  It is my understanding that doing this will not actually make the spam message open.  I check every other day or so and if there are no spam messages which have been mis-classified, I simply close the preview window, select all of the messages and do the shift-delete to permanently delete them from my machine without ever opening them.

      I have used PopFile for several years now and my accuracy at last check was 99.6%.  I do make a point to re-classify any messages which have misclassified to improve the accuracy of classification.

      • davcefai

        davcefai - 2007-03-19

        Robert Daun:

        Setting the messages as "read" doesn't open them. However viewing them in the preview pane does. ie any html is rendered and any embedded nasty stuff is triggered. As far as I know this behaviour in Outlook Express has not changed.

        This was one of the reasons I abandoned OE (and later, Windows)

        The original poster could set up his system to auto delete the contents of his spam, or porn, folder but then will never know of any misidentifications.


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